Need help with your BRAND?

The first form of representation as a musician online, before someone even gets to the play button, will be your image. Firstly, gather all of the most recent and relevant information about your music career and put it in a bio, if you have not done so already. People need to have some background information to form an image of who you are in their mind. Be sure this bio is written in 3rd person to make it professional! It doesn’t need to be long, but make sure you cover key points about yourself including where you are from, what inspired your career and any previous projects you’ve worked on. 


Also, be sure the images on your profiles are up to date and of good quality. If you are just starting out and unable to provide a high quality photo of yourself, a great alternative is to add a high quality graphic or cover photo that fits your image as a musician. No one will need to know that you haven’t had your photoshoot yet! We provide artists with graphics, cover art, and even clothing for you to represent their brand wherever you go!


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