Frsh Who Ft MiMi Jeanite - Parlae (Prod. Clint Bent)


FrshWho is a 24 year old songwriter from Richmond, VA With a variety of musical influences from Jay-Z to Erykah Badu to Tupac. FrshWho brings a new school flow with witty punchlines, catchy hooks, and lovable melodies. Meanwhile still maintaining the lyrical and thought provoking concepts of his early influencers. FrshWho’s music reflects the work hard aspect of life and understanding the sacrifices it takes to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This musical direction is prominently heard in his new track “Parlae”. Using a soulful, uplifting sounding sample followed by clean 808’s and sharp lyrical delivery Frshwho presents us with a upbeat summertime felt track. As you listen you can practically feel the beach weather and smell the barbecue. With some tantalizing vocal help from singer MiMi Jeanite and some crisp production by Clint Bent, FrshWho succeeds at creating a fun track that gives us an excuse to open the sun roof and take in the summer sun.


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