Copyrighting Your Music:It's that easy

Copyrighting Your Music:

You can copyright your music through a simple process, online here! The fee is only $35 for each submission, and if you'd like to save, you can copyright a bundle of songs for that same price. Trust me when I say it's better to be safe then sorry, especially if you are releasing quality music to the public. 



Get Paid with Performance Right Organizations:

PROs for songwriters, or Performance Rights Organizations, are societies responsible for collecting income on behalf of songwriters when a song is performed for publicly broadcast. This means they collect money for the music you’ve written on your behalf when it’s played or performed. This includes things like getting played on radio, being featured in a commercial, or any live broadcasted event. PRO's literally track down companies for you to make sure you get paid for your hard work and creations! 



Current Songwriter PROs you can sign up with (you only need one): ($50 fee) (free!)

For SESAC, you have to be exclusively invited. 


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A new PRO Collecting Different Royalties:

There is a newer organization collecting money for the song recording master owner, while the other 3 collect only for the songwriter. SoundExchange is free to register for and collects royalties for the party that owns the song master. This includes payment for plays on digital streaming services like Pandora and Music Choice. Chances are, you wrote the songs and own the masters, yet are leaving money on the table by not signing up to two companies. Join BMI + SoundExchange, or ASCAP + SoundExchange to cover all of the royalties owed to you. 


Join SoundExchange free:

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